Jon Keeling writes a post about Governor Strickland raising money in New York City for the Ohio Democratic Party and declares that this makes Strickland a hypocrite for all his talk about “Wall Street.”  Because just like his old boss John Kasich, Keeling apparently believes that there’s only one road in NYC.

Wall Street and Wall StreetApparently, the Carpetblogger didn’t know that Josh Mandel, GOP candidate for State Treasurer, just hit NYC on Tuesday for a lil’ R& R jaunt of his own.

And what “sights” did Mr. Mandel see on his NYC adventure?  Well, he went to a fundraiser at the Law Offices of Kirby, McInerney, LLP at 825 3rd Avenue (formerly known as Wall Street).  The fundraising event was also cosponsored by the law firm Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw, Pittman, LLP, who have their office on 1550 Broadway (formerly known as Wall Street.)

But do you know these firms have in common?  Yep, they specializing in underwriting and pension systems for their clients, who actually are on the original Wall Street.

Josh Mandel didn’t need to go to those firms to learn about how Wall Street can affect our state pensions.  He could just talk to the rest of his ticket:

Wall Street will be able to put their lobbyists out of business in Ohio if the GOP wins because they’re former pitchman will be Governor.  No lobbying needed.  (Keep the checks coming, though.)