This comment thread is pretty interesting – lots of defense of a bunch of kids chanting “powder blue faggots” like it’s a party.  The chief defense seems to be that it’s been going on a long time, kids are stupid, rivalry game, let ’em be.

Really?  That’s the defense?

What if you’re a gay kid at the football game, sitting down the bleacher from this?  Every week?  And let’s say you’re a gay kid in the closet, for whom coming out is simply unthinkable.  You’re supposed to go along with slurring yourself because this has been done for decades?  Really?  Why don’t you just turn the closet into Fort Knox?

As a closeted kid who cheered like a lunatic at every single Berea High School football game during the Class of ’85 (Midpark sucks!), I feel pretty comfortable saying there is plenty of other crap that goes on at high school football games that keeps you in the closet.  So I guess these defenders think it’s reasonable that we just throw it out there publicly, chant “powder blue faggots” every single week, laugh and dance around, get pat on the back by our alumni, and keep the environment as hostile to LGBT kids as it possibly can be.  Might as well just lay it all out there, right?  Hell, why don’t you just make a separate ticket booth with a sign saying “powder blue faggots ONLY”.

That’s before you get to the suicides in Mentor just down the street.

I think sports traditions are just great, but some have to go, because we are in a different place than we were before as a country.  The justification that it’s been done forever is quaint, but wrong.  And in this particular case, this chant perpetuates an environment of intolerance and hate that is proven every day to be incredibly damaging to kids.

I’d say I can’t really believe anyone would defend this stupidity, but I’d be lying.  Because I can imagine myself in those bleachers in 1984 wondering where I would ever belong in this world if chanting “powder blue faggots” in prancing glee at a football game is considered acceptable, defensible behavior.