Mary Taylor lied in order to influence the election.  Anyone who says anything short of that is covering for her.

In Sunday’s webcast by the Kasich campaign featuring Karl Rove (of Fox News), Mike Huckabee (of Fox News), and Haley Barbour (frequent Fox political “expert) which could have been called “Fox & Friends” if that wasn’t already trademarked, Mary Taylor made what the Dispatch reported yesterday was “a major new allegation against the Democratic governor.”

Kasich’s running mate, state Auditor Mary Taylor, said the U.S. Department of Justice has determined that a Strickland cabinet member violated federal law by snooping into the background of Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, better known as "Joe the Plumber," two years ago.

According to today’s Dispatch what Mary Taylor said was:

"We made a request of the Department of Justice and asked them to take a look at whether or not the Department of Jobs and Family Services violated federal law by looking into the private records of that individual," Taylor said in the webcast.

"And we did get a response back from them just recently. And, in fact, the Strickland administration, the Department of Jobs and Family Services did violate federal law by the actions that were taken by those that were employed by her."

Wow, so is the U.S. Department of Justice poised to file charges against ex-Strickland officials for “snooping” into “Joe the Plumber’s” information?


Taylor lied.  Entirely.  And she had to backtrack from her story when the media demanded to see the letter from the “U.S. Department of Justice” and were given this instead by Taylor’s office to back up her claims.

Special Counsel Letter

The letter was not even recent, but from eight months ago, even though Taylor said this was a recently development.  It wasn’t even from the U.S. Department of Justice at all.  And even worse, the letter eight months ago does not make any violation of federal law.

Taylor’s false allegations generated headlines yesterday that the Strickland Administration was being investigated by the U.S. Justice Department—a completely false story!

So, what’s the Dispatch and Taylor saying now?

"I do want to clarify that I didn’t mean to suggest that the letter explicitly reflected my thoughts on this matter," Taylor told The Dispatch.

Taylor’s allegation was far from a central part of Sunday’s live webcast, which featured her and Kasich. It was merely one item as she was listing a variety of complaints about the Democratic governor.

Taylor says that she didn’t mean what she plainly said, and the Dispatch says it’s no big deal because it was just a minor point.

Meanwhile the Dispatch has ran multiple columns suggesting Strickland’s attack ad is unfairly using Kasich own words because “we all know” that Kasich wasn’t serious about these things like paying people in his JobsOhio plan undisclosed bonuses (never mind that in just the past week the Dispatch ran an AP story on that very issue.)

I don’t know what’s worse: 1) that Mary Taylor would lie so blatantly in making profoundly serious allegations, or; 2) that the media excuses it as a minor excuses it by just calling it a gaffe like when she admitted counseling her clients to move their businesses to Florida?