From the Dayton Daily News:

Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, on Tuesday brought his “Fire Pelosi” campaign to Columbus.

What he didn’t bring was a promise of more money from the RNC for the Ohio Republican Party, extra campaign cash that Ohio Republican Chairman Kevin DeWine of Fairborn had requested in a letter to Steele.

“The (poll) numbers are wonderful but they can be intoxicating,” Steele told more than 50 volunteers and supporters in a Columbus parking lot after arriving in his burnt orange bus, with “Need a Job? Fire Pelosi” emblazoned on the side.

The RNC has given an estimated $1million less to the Ohio GOP to fund their GOTV efforts than promised, and that has had a significant impact in the race, as evidenced by the fact that the head of the RNC can come to town and only 50 volunteers for the Ohio GOP would show up to see him.  Millions less than what they had in 2008 and even in 2006 (when it was a lost cause.)

50 people.  Feel the wave.