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Yet another actor, except this one is later spotted at a Strickland/Obama rally:

The president still is popular with Sherry Wixson of Yellow Springs, who attended the rally.

“Obama has caused me to feel hopeful in a way that I have not since John Kennedy,” she said. “If we can’t get this country going in a positive direction with Obama in the White House, I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

[Source: Dayton Daily News]

DailyKos takes it from there:

So why would a woman who is a democratic supporter, trash Ted Strickland in a made for John Kasich tv ad, you ask?  When recognized at the rally she said she could not comment due to signing a non-disclosure agreement with the RGA.

Yep, even the RGA’s paid actors can’t be counted on to actually support John Kasich.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s get real. Actors are employees of the RGA. Doing a job has nothing to do with the will and aspirations of the individual. It is dishonest to imply that desiring the success of the President in moving the country forward equates to a lack of support for the Governor of Ohio to do the same. She did not sound like a citizen with political split ends. She sounded like a citizen who desires the prosperity and progress of our nation and state. Let us not perform a polgram on free will in the name of political orientation. That final statement is a far leap from reality.

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