Anthony caught this.  There is an online petition circulating to have the principal address the issue.  I signed it, you should, too.  Everyone of these kids need to be named, and forced to make a public apology for their behavior.  The video is below, in which someone is caught saying immediately, “that was wrong. THAT was wrong.”

What makes this particularly sickening is that nearby Mentor High School has had four kids in the last two years commit suicide after being bullied.

It was the fourth time in little more than two years that a bullied high school student in this small Cleveland suburb on Lake Erie died by his or her own hand – three suicides, one overdose of antidepressants. One was bullied for being gay, another for having a learning disability, another for being a boy who happened to like wearing pink.

Enough needs to be quite enough.

  • mvirenicus

    what do you expect from the city of eastlake? it’s full of retards. it’s kinda the north ridgeville of the east side. LOL sorry sorry sorry… my prejudices are showing thru.

  • Lilsportychk24

    HAS ANYONE CONTACTED WILLOUGHBY SOUTH REGARDING THEIR CHANT “HALLOWEEN HOMOS?” This chant has been going on for years…. Just a rival chant. True Eastlake North and Willoughby South fans have heard this chant before. And most alumni probably chanted this themselves in their highschool days. Why are we choosing to attack the schools in 2010? Rediculous.

  • redhorse


    You have no doubt received dozens of emails pointing you to the video link below.

    The person who filmed the incident noted that no one intervened, not even school staff present at the game. Doing nothing in the face of intolerance, particularly that of young people, is implicitly validating the child’s behavior.

    WKSU recently ran a multi-part series about bullying in NE Ohio.

    The consequences of permissiveness are too high for inaction – a result your neighbors in Mentor should acknowledge. I urge you to consider a reasoned and proper response to the behavior displayed by your students.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Ah Eastlake. Now we’re famous for 3 things:

    1. Causing the east coast blackout of 2003

    2. Hometown of Jesse James mistress Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee


    3. This.

  • Mary Jo

    This sickens me. A friend’s niece who was gay committed suicide in high school because she couldn’t take the taunts for one more day. Even the teachers mocked her, calling her Pat because of some Saturday Night Live skit. So did the school punish or reprimand the bullies and cruel teachers? No, they brought in counselors to help them with their “grief.”

  • This is absolutely unacceptable. I was singled out in middle school and high school for similar abuse (and, I’m straight – just goes to show you what bullies know). But it really fucked me up socially and emotionally, to the point where I still haven’t fully recovered, and doubt that I ever will. The fact that 10 years on and this sort of thing is still tolerated sickens me. Every single staff member that was present should be suspended without pay. Every student that can be identified should be forced to make public apologies, and restitution in the form of community service, preferably supervised by an LGBT rights group.

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  • Given that I grew up in one of these towns and went to high school in the other I’m going to throw a little extra info into the mix. I am NOT making excuses or defending anyone but I do think it’s worth mentioning (in no particular order) that:

    1.The North/South football matchup is THE game of the year. It’s the Michigan/Ohio State of Lake County rivalries. And shit tends to get out of hand.

    2. No cars were burned. No one was sent to the hospital. No one was beat up (as far as I know).

    3. When I was in high school the South High marching band (whose colors are powder blue and gray by way) proudly walked around waving the confederate flag. South High Rebels. The band even had the flag emblazoned on their uniforms.

    4. Kids (in every high school) are fucking stupid.

    5. High School (and college) football games are plagued by sexist, racist and homophobic crap like this.


    6. Wow. Just fucking wow.

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  • Twanky

    I and an alumni of north high school and as far as I know this has been going on since before i was even born and its not just north its south also this is just like any other sporting event. ie: browns v steelers ohio state v michigan its sports people you know what your getting youself into before you go if you dont want to be around it then dont be

  • Todd

    this is utterly stupid and everything that is wrong in our society. if someone commits suicide over a high school chant than darwinism is alive and well. guys, especially high school guys, commonly make fun of other guys as gay all the time knowing they are not, in fact, gay. as a liberal democrat, the gay movement is quickly catching up to peta in the stupid column.

  • mvirenicus

    anybody chanting anything similar at the catholic high school i attended would have been ejected from the stadium and/or disciplined when school reconvened the following week. and i’m talking class of 1982. there was a no-tolerance policy for bullying of any kind. probably a big part of the reason i’ve always viewed public school products as punks.

  • Mary Jo

    If some schools in the early 80s understood why are other schools still permitting this behavior in 2010? Ignorant principals and teachers result in ignorant students.

  • Eric

    Nicely Put Joseph, but you also forgot to mention that it has been a North/South Tradition and that “Powder blue faggots” is in response to South student’s chanting “Halloween Homos.”

    The students of Eastlake North are not the only ones to be blamed and held accountable for this, they were just the only ones someone was overly sensitive enough to video tape.

    This is being blown way out of proportion by someone trying to get their 15 minutes of fame and being swallowed up by a media just looking to add a little flavor into otherwise uneventful news lately.

  • Concerned Alum.

    As an Alumni of Eastlake North, I understand both sides of this issue and strongly believe that even though it is horribly wrong, these specific students and any teachers present do not deserve to be punished with “public apologies ” or criminal discipline. I know this chant well and have always refused to participate in it. With a sister who is a proud lesbian, I am a strong LGBT supporter and ally. I actively supported Eastlake North’s student group, the Gay Straight Alliance, and participated in Ally Week and the Day of Silence. It has always been my wish for this chant to diminish. However, what makes this specific group and class of kids responsible for years of ignorance and abuse? Why should my friends, other active LGBT supporters, be punished for a mistake that has been repeated for generations? Oh yes, it must stop. This type of behavior cannot be condoned, but punishing these kids, these naive teenagers, or even their teachers, in an attempt to form a precedent of intolerance toward anti-gay harassment, is a step too harsh. These children need guidance and education of the effects which their actions cause. By suddenly implementing a policy with repercussions which the student body is unaware of will only negatively impact the school in general. The GSA should hold a rally at the school which invokes knowledge of the recent Bully-Caused suicides and promotes the students to stand up and end this “traditional” chant. Furthermore, the school should remind students that this “chant” is considered harassment and if this behavior continues, individuals will need to be held responsible and district policy must be implemented. Policy is in place and students must be aware of how it can, and will, affect them. In conclusion I would like to point out that Eastlake North High school teachers are extremely respectful and responsible people who in no way are accountable for the actions of these or previous students. I love my Alma Mater quite dearly and it hurts to see it so slandered throughout these past few months.

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  • jump23

    For those of you defending the students actions (either explicitly or implicitly), I would like to know what you would say if they were using racial epithets instead. Would you really be claiming “hey, it’s been the rivalry game of the year”?

  • Kristamarie8

    yeahh were perfect !!!!!!!!!!! at least were not a boring city !!

  • Kristamarie8

    well arent we a good little catholic boyyy !!!!!!

  • Kristamarie8

    ummm everyone needs to get over this because it has been happening for as long as i can remember so GET OVER IT!!!!!

  • mvirenicus

    yeah, and while the public school kids were shouting asinine bullcrap from the sidelines we were busy crushing their football team by the score of 87-3. still happens to this day as a matter of fact.

  • mvirenicus

    how’s your freshman year going?

  • Spareme27

    North High School morons? Nothing like reporting a one sided story…Moron

  • Taylor

    why cant anyone report on how north raised over $9000 for United Way. or how we raised over $4000 dollars for The Wounded Warrior project. Were good people that are constantly giving back to the community. No one ever reports on that

  • Mary Jo

    Todd, I haven’t been able to get your words off my mind. Events that drive a young person to suicide are not going to aid evolution.

  • tg

    Teachers are not to blame for actions of the students at a high school football game. The games are not chaperoned school events. A teacher’s job is to teach the curriculum while relating it to current events and life as applicable. It is not the teacher’s job to raise other people’s children and teach them every aspect of life. They are teachers, not nannies. Why not ask why the parents have raised children with inappropriate moral values and a lack of respect? To blame the teachers is to pass the responsibility.

  • this lady is a dumbass.

    this video is an invasion of privacy, just saying. that stupid asshole woman who video taped this should be sued out her ass.

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  • Mary Jo

    Good point tg.

  • mcrangers

    you people are seriously ridiculous. public apologies? are you serious? this has been going been going on for years, on both sides. south has always chanted halloween homos and north has always chanted powder blue faggots. neither of these chants should be said, but they are. yes they should be stopped but i seriously dont think publicly apologzing is going to do nothing at all to these students. why do i think that? i just graduated from north last year and i personally know the students still attending north high this year. its just a chant that is said and the majority of the students at north are not bullied, i cant speak for south since i spent my four years at north but seriously i love how north gets blamed for all the bad stuff. i agree with taylor, nobody ever reports anything good that our school does, and half of what the news says isn’t even true. if you older people haven’t figured it out yet, but the news makes up half of the info they say, or just say the bad info to get you to read it. uhm hello have you heard of business? the news is a business trying to get you to watch them or read their paper, of course their not going to put anything good in it because the majority of society likes to read the bad stuff that goes on in this world, not the good. when in all reality i believe they should start reporting the good things that go on in society as well as the bad. north high school is not a bad school, the teachers are not to blame they are absolutley wonderful. I don’t know one bad teacher at that school, or one teacher that would ever think that bullying is acceptable. they do what they can but they cannot punish students like their kids. prinicpal chauby is not a bad principal either and nobody can even say that she has not stopped the chant every single time it was heard. even the students in the stand try to stop those ignorant students from the chant, because i know the majority of my senior class last year did stop them before chauby even got a chance to. the woman who recorded this actually should be sued considering when is video taping underage kids without their permission legal???

  • Ranger Mom

    OK, I have read every post. Does it occur to anyone that the reason these are the only two chants that are used is because they are not directed at any specific sexual orientation, or racial group, A racial slur would be sometihng directed at a group of people based solely on the color of their skin. Given the makeup of the student body you wont find that happening at North. The chants were part of a long rivalry, the woman who posted the video of underage high school kids, which is illegal as she has found out, is a local bar dj who was looking for her 15 minutes of fame. Bear in mind she too attended North. As for the Parochial schools, we have played and continue to play their schools and anyone naive enough to believe that those students don’t have their own questionable chants and cheers really needs to get out of the house more. It was a chant directed at a rival high school during the biggest game of the year. Straight, gay, and bi sexual students were participating from both teams student sections, why? because they are all friends and never once saw those chants as anything close to hate crimes. Get over yourselves people, take some lessons from the kids who can tell the difference.

  • Anonymous

    Or, you can be a grown up and teach your kids yelling a gay slur is not sportsmanship and is a tradition worth ending.

    Seriously, how anyone is defending this is beyond me.

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