OH-01: Steve Driehaus: Raised $314,644.47, spent $857,963.81 and has $430,228.09 on hand.

Steve Chabot: Raised $412,676.66, spent $841,040.64, and has $590,102.48 on hand.

OH-6: Charlie Wilson: Raised $202,128.67, spent $82,007.76, and has $691,294.09, but owes $191,650.00 in debts.  Even if Wilson’s campaign paid off its debt, Wilson has a 2:1 cash-on-hand advantage.  Otherwise, he has a 3:1 advantage.

Bill Johnson: Raised $163,691.09, spent $81,981.49, and has $229,323.36 on hand (but campaign still owes $45k to candidate for outstanding loan.)

OH-08: John Boehner: Raised $2,227,188.84, spent $1,325,862.37 (in operating expenses including massive credit card bills, food/drink for fundraisers, and direct marketing costs… weird), and has $1,220,140.73 on hand.

Justin Coussoule: Raised $103,691.82, spent $61,869.41, has $64,138.10 on hand.  Good news?  This is the most, I think, any Democratic challenger has ever raised against Boehner.  And, I’ll just stop there…

OH-09: Marcy Kaptur: Raised $138,067.66, spent $254,742.18, and has $916,257.36.  (I don’t think Kaptur ever really worried much about Iott, no?)

Rich Iott: Raised $129,522.17, spent $893,164.18, and has $42,722.42 on hand ($1,378,100.00 in outstanding loans owed to the candidate.)  Even if the SS re-enactment photos hadn’t surfaced, Iott lacks the funds to finish the race, unless he injected more money into it.  Haven’t heard that in the papers, lately.

OH-12 Paula Brooks: Raised $344,013.99, spent $355,108.56, and has $670,241.02.  WOW.  Something tells me, we’ll be seeing Paula Brooks running for Congress in ‘12 no matter what happens this cycle.

Pat Tiberi: Raised $566,230.40, spent $756,434.45, and has $1,660,650.86 on hand.  Although Tiberi has plenty of money on hand, Brooks has clearly caused him to burn money.  The last report had Tiberi with a 3:1 cash-on-hand advantage, which is no longer the case.

OH-13:  Betty Sutton: Raised $608,365.52, spent nearly that much, and has $598,363.61 on hand.

Tom Ganley has stopping cutting checks for his campaign.  He raised only $173,867, spent $912,439.87 and has $106,156.46 on hand with $1,091,562.00 in debts to himself. Ganley’s campaign repaid $2,500,000.00 in loans owed to him.  When a self-funder’s biggest priority right before the election is to get the campaign to repay him as much as it can of what he’s loaned it, that’s a tattle tell sign that the candidate knows it’s over.

OH-15: Mary Jo Kilroy: Raised $607,169.77, spent $1,201,025.01, and has $187,863.08 on hand with $113,169.79 in debt.

Steve Stivers: Raised $751,762.91, spent $702,833.14, and has $1,278,985.13 on hand with $73,934.69 in debt.

OH-16:  John Boccieri: Raised $392,519.80, spent $705,565.89, and has $748,700.95 on hand.

Jim Renacci: Raised $315,119.21, spent $803,261.13, and has $429,070.29 on hand (but owes the candidate $501,252.89 in outstanding loans.)

OH-18: Zach Space: Raised $429,046.16, spent $307,524.75, and has $1,392,458.81 on hand.

Joe Gibbs: Raised $333,479.84, spent $335,025.28, and has $215,308.07 on hand, but with a modest $20,000 in debt.

However, Gibbs also has a joint fundraising committee with Tom Ganley.  And it raised $2,500.00, spent $31.77, and well, just do the math yourself.

I gotta feeling there’s a reason this joint committee didn’t do more.

Regardless, even with outside spending groups, Gibbs can’t compete with Space.   Space still has a 6:1 cash-on-hand advantage.  It’s highly unusual for an incumbent with that kind of advantage to lose.  I can’t imagine the NRCC is going to make up the difference enough to make a real difference.