I’d like to start this post by restating something regular Plunderbund readers have heard many times before: no one is pro-abortion.

Despite what some extreme anti-abortion activists say, there is no such thing as an anti-life movement or a pro-abortion movement.

No one wants to see more women get abortions and no one wants to push abortion as the only option for women who unexpectedly find themselves pregnant.

Let me take that one step further.

After reading today about a new report from the state showing a continued downward trend in the number of abortions in Ohio I’m going to go so far as to actually agree, in part, with Matt Naugle: fewer abortions in Ohio is very “good news”.

Hell, I’ll take that two steps further. I’m going to agree with three things Ohio Right to Life Executive Director Mike Gonidakis said about this report:

1. Abortion is not the “only choice for women”

2. We need to “help young women make positive decisions for themselves”

3. Women need to have “options including adoption”

Yep. You heard that right. I did just agree with Matt Naugle and the Executive Director of Ohio Right to Life.

The reduction in the number of abortions in Ohio IS good news and providing women with as much information as possible and as many options as possible SHOULD be everyone’s goal.

That’s because we all have the same goal: reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies in Ohio. And, based on the statistics, that has been happening, and happening rather quickly in the past few years.

You obviously know where I’m going with this. Hell, I put it in the title of the post. So I’ll just come right out and ask the question:

If we are going to blame Governor Strickland for everything that has happened during the past 3.5 years in Ohio, can we also include the nearly THIRTEEN PERCENT DROP in the number of abortions in Ohio?