The Akron Beacon Journal did its own analysis of the early vote—half way through—in Summit County (Mary Taylor’s base.)  What did they find?

Highlights of the analysis include:

• About 24,000 Summit County voters have requested an absentee vote by mail or cast a ballot at the Job Center this year. This compares to the approximately 88,000 for the same period of 2008.

• Democrats are leading Republicans, particularly in in-person voting, where they have claimed nearly two-thirds of the approximately 2,200 early ballots cast.

• Democrats also are ahead of both Republicans and nonpartisan voters in mail-in requests, though these splits aren’t as skewed as the in-person figures.

[Summit County Democratic Chairman] Jones expects the Democratic party’s margin to continue to rise, thanks to the combined efforts of the local and state parties to encourage early voting.

”I think it will definitely widen,” he said. ”There’s an aggressive campaign by the state. It’s starting to work.”

[Summit County GOP Chairman/close Kasich political ally] Arshinkoff isn’t surprised that the Democrats are ahead, especially because they have more voters on their rolls than the Republicans.

It’s a little unusual to hear Arskinkoff write off his own county like that.  He and Kasich have long been political associates, as has Mary Taylor.

Even though she was the only Statewide GOP candidate to win in 2006, Mary Taylor lost her home county of Summit County.  Looks like she’s going to go 0-2.

Feel the wave.

  • In absolutely unrelated news, Arskinkoff is crusading against Summit Counties current use of a facility for early voting. Because turnout is much lower than 2008, he thinks the entire plan is a waste.

    Again, this is COMPLETELY unrelated.

  • Anastasjoy

    Someone help me. I seem to have misplaced the enthusiasm gap.

  • It’s easy to miss, they’re using the space to line up early voters.

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