That’s right.  The Angel of Death himself.

In January 1942, while serving with the SS Wiking Division deep behind Soviet lines, he pulled two German soldiers from a burning tank, and was awarded the Iron Cross First Class as well as the Black Badge for the Wounded and the Medal for the Care of the German People. Mengele was wounded during this campaign; since he could not return to combat, he was posted at the Race and Resettlement Office inBerlin.

Who among us hasn’t spent a sunny fall weekend dressing up as SS officers, pretending to be wounded, and crying out for a medic?

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  • Eerie. When I was debating someone on this whole reenactment thing and they were trying to convince me of the educational value, I specifically asked, so should the reenactments include Mengele and reenacting his torture on twins. But I didn’t have any clue that he was with that Waffen unit. Side note – a friend of mine’s mom just died – she was a survivor of Mengele’s experiments and her twin sister who was also experimented on in the concentration camps is still alive. They’ve been written about many times.

    I want to understand but…

  • Shalom Tim,

    This is what happens when the television networks take wholesome shows like Combat off the air and deny us the images of Vic Morrow blowing away Nazis once a week.



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