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Tom Ganley’s campaign will go down as the “mouse that roared.”  At one time, Ganely said he was prepared to spend $7 million of his own money in this race.  If he’s spent $1 million so far, I’d be surprised.

According to the Associated Press, Ganley has made the decision to cancel his ad buy for the final weeks of the campaign. 

An Ohio Republican House candidate facing allegations he groped a would-be campaign volunteer has pulled the plug on his broadcast TV advertising in the final weeks of his competitive race against Democratic Rep. Betty Sutton.

A campaign spokesman for car dealership owner Tom Ganley confirmed Monday night that he has canceled hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of planned TV ads. The spokesman said Ganley is merely shifting strategies — not giving up on his congressional bid.

Spokesman Jeff Longstreth said the change in advertising plans shouldn’t be read as a retreat from the race. Ganley has decided to advertise instead on cable TV and the radio — which cost a fraction as much — to reach more voters, he said.

"Tom is still neck-in-neck in the race according to our polling, and we’re trying to find a way to break through the clutter" of political advertising crowding the airwaves in Ohio.

Longstreth said the campaign plans to spend at least $300,000 on cable and radio advertisements in the coming days.

Tom Ganley’s polling shows that he is unlikely to win.  That’s the only reason a candidate who’s spending his money would start drastically cutting back on his spending.  He doesn’t want to waste his money on a doomed bid.

A week later, and we still don’t know if Ganley has agreed to meet with Cleveland Police who want to interview Mr. Ganley regarding the sexual assault allegations filed against him by a former Tea Party supporter.

It’s over.

No owl ad for you!

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