In his defense, I’m sure that he was just doing a historical re-enactment of a racist asshole.

Late last month, writing for the Toledo Free Press, Lisa Renee Ward (who also blogs at Glass City Jungle).  Apparently in 2008, Iott’s son (who reportedly participated with dad in their SS re-enactments) was in college and signed a lease with several other roommates.  Mr. Iott also signed as guarantor of the lease.  For reasons that aren’t explained, the younger Iott wanted out of the lease and litigation between the roommates ensued.

Mr. Iott reportedly stated in an e-mail from an account that Lisa Renee Ward indicated is known as an account used by Iott:

“This is not a democracy, it is a partnership and to that end we can sublet our share to whomever will pay the rent … regardless if they are from a Third World nation that practices small animal sacrifices and glorify stealing as an art form.  We may even subidize [sic] the rent just to get a renter.”

“You guys find a tenant, we will pay the sub-tenant transfer fees and everyone is happy.  The alternative is that we either find a sub-tenant from Outer Uzbekistan for you or the current tenants pick up the difference.  Neither one is a good choice for you.”

In other words, Iott thought threatening to use a foreign exchange student to replace his son on the Lease was an appropriate negotiation tactic to use with college kids.

Absent any communication from those involved,  we are left with what the complaint reports: language that besmirches residents of Third World nations and an apparent attempt to intimidate.

It’s already been picked up by The Atlantic which broke the SS photo story.