Josh Mandel couldn’t tell the truth if it could win him an election.

On Friday, he claimed that his campaign was “pulling” their controversial Islamophobic ad.  It turned out it ran all this weekend as planned.  The campaign just simply tried to shoot for positive spin on it for the Sunday opinion columns for “doing the right thing" when, in fact, the campaign did everything according to their plans.

Then Tim posted about how a mailer, with the exact same message, was received on Saturday.  Despite a week of widespread condemnation for an attack Mandel has been using all year.

What’s Mandel’s excuse for the mailing?  It’s the Ohio Republican Party’s fault.

From the Dayton Daily News:

Mandel campaign spokesman Joe Aquilino said in an e-mail that the Ohio Republican Party is responsible for the mailer, which was sent bulk rate mail and could take up to a week to arrive.

“To be sure, I have personally called the ORP to make sure no more mailers on this theme are mailed. I can’t control mailers they already may have mailed and that may arrive with a week’s delay over this past weekend or some time next week,” Aquilino said.

But Josh Mandel’s campaign clearly knew about this mailer before the media did.  Even if it was true that the mailer had already been sent out when the campaign suddenly had a change of heart, why didn’t the campaign disclose that fact on Friday?  What did the campaign do to try to stop the mailing?  Anything?  Just like the television ads that it claimed it was “pulling” on Friday, there is no evidence, none, that the Mandel campaign did a damn thing to stop this mailing from going out to its target audience, nor did it do anything to preemptively disown it.

Even on Friday, Mandel, personally, refused to explain why the ad was being pulled or express any regret for it.

Just like his Friday newspaper charm offensive, Mandel is either: a) a victim of his own misfortune by constantly coming up a day late and a dollar short in stopping the very attacks he decided long ago to make his campaign about; b) is trying to have it both ways by charming the media with his self-flogging act while still getting the political benefit by praying on uninformed people’s worst fears.

Neither theory particularly presents a flattering picture for a person being asked to handle the Treasurer’s office.

Josh Mandel was viewed by most as waltzing into the Treasurer’s office on a campaign bankroll that Boyce has simply been unable to compete.  However, this attack, and the widespread criticism it has created, has jeopardized that.  As has the constant series of explanations that, when viewed in total, seem hard to believe.

Josh Mandel needs to own up to his own campaign.  He either needs to “man up” and own this attack and defend it, or apologize publicly to his opponent.  So far, he has yet to do, either.

Mandel’s explanation as to how an attack he claims he doesn’t want to make… still keeps getting made by his campaign… defies rational thought.

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