Every time I turn around John Kasich is dissing Ohio and Ohioans. It’s been the only consistent message his campaign has had to offer us and, honestly, it’s really starting to piss me off.

As an Ohioan – born and raised – I am sick and tired of hearing this guy from Pennsylvania (born and raised) whine constantly about Ohio. Today he finally crossed the line.

Today John Kasich said that all we have to do to create more jobs in Ohio is for Ohioans to “stop being lazy and sloppy.”

Lazy and sloppy.


This guy spent the first 20 years of his life in Pennsylvania living off his Dad’s postal worker salary and health insurance. And a good portion of his adult life living in DC (on a federal salary and insurance). And he has the fucking nerve to call Ohioans “lazy and sloppy”.

John Kasich spent the past ten years waiting for the political climate to change so he could run for office again without actually having to do any work. John Kasich’s entire campaign strategy is based on the fact that we’re in a recession and voters are likely to vote against the incumbent and he has the nerve to call Ohioans lazy?!

John Kasich can’t even spend the time to learn how government actually works in Ohio before running for the highest office in the state. And he didn’t bother to spend the ten minutes necessary to research his campaign proposals before announcing them even though they break multiple state and federal laws; and he has the fucking balls to call Ohioans sloppy??!

John Kasich has never done an honest day’s work in his life. Not one. He started work in politics right out of school and he’s never looked back. He’s never helped a single person do a single thing and his “private sector” experience is a total sham. He’s spent his entire life sucking off the government teet and he claims the private sector is our savior. For his entire post-congressional ‘career’ he’s done nothing but get paid tons of cash for just being semi-famous and yet he feels he is in a position to call US “lazy and sloppy”???

Fuck you, Mr. Kasich.




  • Tpiteo65

    kasichs such a dick. how he is leading in this race is beyond belief. he needs to go back to shithole fox and leave ohio alone.

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  • Anastasjoy

    Wow — just when you think this nasty, mean-spirited, abrasive individual can’t get any more insulting and divisive, he tops himself. If he gets elected, it’s going to be a long, ugly four years of over-the-top partisanship and assaults on working people that will probably leave Ohio in a pile of economic rubble. I hope you will all join me in canvassing this weekend. After this post, Joseph, I may even do some phone banking — and everyone knows how much I hate phone banking.

  • Dweaver_52

    My Mom used to say it was easy to tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican:

    One will lend you a hand.
    The other will give you the finger.

    For sixteen years (1991-2007), Ohioans got the finger from Republicans. Let’s not give them that opportunity again.

    If Ted is going to lend us a hand the next four years, we need to lend him ours on November 2.

  • Guest

    Hey, Ted Strickland was a Congressman before he was governor. And before that he was a government-employed psychologist. Wasn’t he? A government teat-sucker…they all are. Kasich. Strickland. Taft. Whatever loser you guys nominate in 2014.

    You took the Kasich quote out of context. I suspected you did so I clicked the link. Sure enough, you weren’t honest about what Kasich said. Predictable.

    Silly little post.

  • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Fuck that guy.

  • Anastasjoy


    Unlike Kasich, Strickland hasn’t insulted the workers of Ohio or suggested that government-employed workers are “teat suckers.” Kasich has done that. We have some fine public servants, and the reason that we don’t have more of them is the attitude of people like you. Who would want to run for office if it’s assumed in advance they are “teat sucking” crooks? We get a lot of garbage thanks to people like you.

    And no, Kasich wasn’t quoted “out of context.” There’s no context that changes the mean-spiritedness of his remarks.

  • Ted Strickland isn’t running on his experience in the private sector. Kasich is. And that ‘experience’ is a sham.

    By the way, here’s the quote. Full context. And he STILL says Ohioans are lazy and sloppy.

    “Look, the same philosophy I have of lowering taxes and reducing government, it worked for Ronald Reagan. It worked in the 90s when the Republicans and Clinton worked together. It will work here in Ohio. We just have to stop being lazy and sloppy, and we’ve got to be focused.”

  • Guest

    Agreed, Joseph!

  • Anonymous

    I concur.

  • And even if he was just talking about government employees, he’s still insulting 750,760 (state and local government) workers.

  • Guest

    “We get a lot of garbage thanks to people like you.”

    Yes, I’m the reason a lot of politicians turn out to be scumbags. I’m the reason they don’t tell the truth and steal money and abuse their power.

    What an idiotic statement.

  • Guest

    Yes, he does say Ohioans are lazy and sloppy. Insofar as they are not lowering taxes and reducing government in the way that proved effective for Republican and Democrat presidents in the past.

    And by saying ‘we’, I assume you understand that John Kasich counts himself among the ranks of ‘Ohioans’. After all, he is one. Spent his entire adult life here. Has been an Ohio taxpayer his entire working life. Raising his kids here. On and on. Just like you, I assume…?

    Yes, he grew up in PA. And Strickland went to college in Kentucky. Your fake outrage is lame.

  • Anonymous

    We’ve cut taxes 17% in Ohio in the past four years. No President has ever cut the federal taxes as steeply as we have while Ted Strickland has been Governor.

    Your response is lame.

  • Guest

    Two states: One taxes at x, the other taxes at x + 25. The state that taxes at x + 25 cuts taxes by 17.

    Then, the states tax at x and x + 8. Which state has higher taxes?

    You are lame.

  • Guest

    Agreed Modern.
    Where are all of the great jobs from the Bush tax cuts for the rich?
    Where are the jobs from the 2007 tax cuts?

    They have been sent overseas due to federal trade policy which has gutted manufacturing. We did not make the adjustment to attract other industries during the rotten radical Republican administrations. The YOYO policy was in full effect and we lost jobs, people and more people. Who wants to stay here when you can’t get a job after you graduate. I didn’t and I wouldn’t. If tax cuts were so effective, why aren’t we at almost full employment?

    Wall $treet and their minions stole all of the money by destroying the economy with their smoke and mirrors schemes. We saved them and they promptly said “Suckers, see ya don’t wanna be ya. YOu are lazy and stupid that is why you are poor.”. This is just a continuation of the ~400 year class war in America. Bounty for the rich, trickle down that goes into the toilet for the rest and the overseers who enable the crap storm.

    Good luck trusting the food in the grocery store since the FDA and the USDA are supposed to protect our food from the people who make poisoned food for profit. Good luck taking a plane ride on a plane that hasn’t been inspected because the FAA wanted to be friendly to the airlines and make their life easier instead of keeping the flying public safe. Good luck with having police, fire, emt with your low taxes and less government…or maybe you want to have ala carte services. If you don’t pay, they don’t show up.

    Sorry modern, replying to Guest really.

  • Anonymous

    We will no longer approve your comments if you refuse to enter a valid e-mail address.
    Second, even the conservative Tax Foundation finds that Ohio’s state taxes are not much different than the rest of the region. It’s the combination of our state and local taxes that makes us uncompetitive.

    However, by cutting aid to local governments, as Kasich is apparently prepared to do, will only force local tax rates to go up… making the problem WORSE.

    I’d challenge you to find a Midwestern state that in 2004 had an effective tax rate 25% less than Ohio’s.

    As just about every other State in the country was raising taxes to deal with the recession, we cut them. Those are the ACTUAL facts.

  • Tbledsoe8

    I agree 100 percent! Fuck Kasich and his Wall Street buddies!

  • Celestials1938

    Son what is going to happen now? as He Governor of the Great State of Ohio with 88 counties.

  • 1938

    If Kasich is a liar he shoukld be kicked out as as soon as we find out who he really is. If He a liar then bi bi Baby its been “good” to know “yuh”!

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