Every time I turn around John Kasich is dissing Ohio and Ohioans. It’s been the only consistent message his campaign has had to offer us and, honestly, it’s really starting to piss me off.

As an Ohioan – born and raised – I am sick and tired of hearing this guy from Pennsylvania (born and raised) whine constantly about Ohio. Today he finally crossed the line.

Today John Kasich said that all we have to do to create more jobs in Ohio is for Ohioans to “stop being lazy and sloppy.”

Lazy and sloppy.


This guy spent the first 20 years of his life in Pennsylvania living off his Dad’s postal worker salary and health insurance. And a good portion of his adult life living in DC (on a federal salary and insurance). And he has the fucking nerve to call Ohioans “lazy and sloppy”.

John Kasich spent the past ten years waiting for the political climate to change so he could run for office again without actually having to do any work. John Kasich’s entire campaign strategy is based on the fact that we’re in a recession and voters are likely to vote against the incumbent and he has the nerve to call Ohioans lazy?!

John Kasich can’t even spend the time to learn how government actually works in Ohio before running for the highest office in the state. And he didn’t bother to spend the ten minutes necessary to research his campaign proposals before announcing them even though they break multiple state and federal laws; and he has the fucking balls to call Ohioans sloppy??!

John Kasich has never done an honest day’s work in his life. Not one. He started work in politics right out of school and he’s never looked back. He’s never helped a single person do a single thing and his “private sector” experience is a total sham. He’s spent his entire life sucking off the government teet and he claims the private sector is our savior. For his entire post-congressional ‘career’ he’s done nothing but get paid tons of cash for just being semi-famous and yet he feels he is in a position to call US “lazy and sloppy”???

Fuck you, Mr. Kasich.