Today, the Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsed the Libertarian candidate in the State Treasurer’s race. Unless I’m wrong, that’s the first time an Ohio daily has endorsed a third-party candidate in a statewide race in Ohio.  At least, in recent memory.

Meanwhile the Columbus Dispatch (R-Columbus) finally got its endorsement of John Kasich official.  To the surprise of nobody, but I’m sure the Carpetblogger will somehow imply its a major event anyways.  Strickland was endorsed by the Akron Beacon Journal.

Of course, what the Dispatch giveth to Kasich, it also took away.  In addition to it’s endorsement of Kasich, the Dispatch also had stories that:

The Treasurer’s race has gotten so nasty that the Cleveland Plain Dealer felt compelled to write a pox on both houses.  And it’s not even an Apportionment Board seat race!

  • Dweaver_52

    The Dispatch endorsement of Kasich was not a surprise. I would urge voters to not just read the Dispatch editorial, however, but also read a 1998 article in the New York Times called “A Republican with Rough Edges,” written at the time Kasich was House Budget Chair and seriously thinking of running for the GOP nomination for President in 2000. Look at the negative things said about him – by REPUBLICANS:

    A number of olleagues called him “the unguided missile,” John McCain said Kasich had a “hair-trigger temper.”

    Not exactly what Ohio needs over the next four years.

  • Anonymous

    John McCain said he had a hair-trigger temper?

    That falls into either the pot-calling-kettle-black or takes-one-to-know-one category.

  • Modern Esquire

    Or both. When John McCain goes, “man, that guy has a real temper issue” you pay attention.

    I mean, McCain’s temper I can understand as part of some likely PTSD from being a prisoner of war. But what’s Kasich’s excuse?

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