Scrubbed more like it.

Talking Points Memo reports that Iott had been listed as a “Contender,” just a level below its targeted candidates “Young Guns” program.  Overnight, that changed.  Some webmaster was called in to scrub Iott from their website.

As Josh Marshall points out, the situation was not one where Iott was just a re-enactor.  The difference is that this particular “troop” used rather romanticized and glowing terminology to describe this SS brigade, which was, in fact, as much involved in atrocities as any other.

[W]hen you read the descriptions of the Nazi party on their website, it’s rather positive. "Germany," reads the site’s history section, "headed a strong movement in Europe to actively campaign (politically and through warfare) against the ideals of Bolshevist Communism. This culminated in 1941, when the German armed forces were pitted against the very home of Bolshevism, Soviet Russia."

In other news, we’ve finally figure out what it takes for the GOP to abandoned a Tea Party candidate who is their nominee.

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