Josh Mandel on Friday called up the Dispatch and said that his campaign was pulling this ad:

But Mandel refused to give a reason why.

And for good reason.   It turns out that the ad wasn’t pulled by the campaign.  It’s scheduled run was slated to expire Friday.  According to the Boyce campaign, Josh Mandel, nor his campaign, called a single station about the ad to tell them to cancel it. 

So, why did I just see this ad on the air today?

Seriously.  In Cincinnati, I just saw the ad that Mandel said I wouldn’t see because it was “pulled” on Friday.

Instead of pulling the ad, did Josh Mandel up buy after letting the media think it was pulled.

Josh Mandel knows that this ad has hurt him so bad that it might just costs him newspaper endorsements.  The Toledo Blade, who had already endorsed him, has threatened to pull their endorsement over the issue.  I think Mandel was trying on Friday to try to hoodwink Ohio’s newspapers into to thinking he did the right thing before they put their Sunday editorials to rest. 

Except it appears it was all a lie. His campaign did not lift a finger to remove the ad from the airwaves, even though that’s the impression Mandel himself tried to create.  Then, on top of it all, the ad Mandel on Friday has claimed was “pulled” is still on the air.

Josh Mandel is a habitual liar who can’t be trust as State Treasurer.  I just can’t believe he thought he’d get away with.