John Kasich seems to have a pathological need to mention that he’s a father.  He brings up being a dad more than, well, a new dad.

Today, his campaign put up a blog post about how his kids are helping Dad become the next Governor of Ohio.  Unfortunately, it looks like that’s all who’s helping:

Kasich kids put to work

Take out the kids, and Kasich has four people working the phones… on a day when the campaign knew that they’d be working on something for their blog to show how great things are going…  Next time, do a closeup.  Maybe hiring some actors as stand-ins?  (Oops, too soon?)

So how did it go, kids?

We made phone calls to remind people to vote Republican! A few people hung up on my sister, but not on me! :) There were a few people who didn’t answer, though.

Wow. How cold hearted do you have to be to hang up on a little girl making GOTV calls for her daddy?  Seriously, even I would politely take that call.  That is the likely Kasich targeted voter we’ve been told is so super-psyched to vote for him this year… that they won’t even take the campaign’s call… from the candidate’s young daughters.

Kasich fever… catch it!


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