From the daily archives: Thursday, October 7, 2010

I just read probably THE most unprofessional blog post that I’ve ever seen from someone who claims to represent the world of professional journalism. It’s from Dispatch Editor Ben Marrison and it’s titled: Lazy, biased reporting makes me sick.

Here’s the opening:

I usually ignore what’s written in the Other Paper. After all, its readership is insignificant…

He then proceeds to include a copy of questions he was emailed from Lyndsey Teter of the Other Paper, his responses to those questions and Lyndsey’s article from the Other Paper.

Talk about biased and lazy!

Marrison writes a 900 word blog […]

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The story was front page of the Toledo Blade today, along with the story about the debate.

As you’ll see the Kasich’s campaign, and Kasich himself, didn’t exactly handle it well:

"No, I don’t think it’s deceptive. I think the ad’s fine," Mr. Kasich said Wednesday while at a meeting with The Blade’s editorial board. "How many actors do they put on their ads?"

None, according to Democratic Governor Strickland’s re-election campaign.

Yep, not one professionally paid actor posing as an Ohioan.  Which got me thinking about the RGA’s ads… Clearly, those, too, were paid actors.  And not even […]

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Congratulations, Matt Naugle, you just made Talking Points Memo!

Meanwhile, over in the WV-Sen race, another acting scandal is brewing over what an ad consultant wrote in a casting call for a Republican ad in that State.  Again, we go to TPM:

The ad featured three blue-collar guys at a diner, talking about how the only way to stop President Obama was to vote against Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin in the race for Senate. It appears that the ad was shot in Philadelphia, not in West Virginia, and sought out that key "hicky" actor type, in […]

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John Kasich seems to have a pathological need to mention that he’s a father.  He brings up being a dad more than, well, a new dad.

Today, his campaign put up a blog post about how his kids are helping Dad become the next Governor of Ohio.  Unfortunately, it looks like that’s all who’s helping:

Take out the kids, and Kasich has four people working the phones… on a day when the campaign knew that they’d be working on something for their blog to show how great things are going…  Next time, do a closeup.  Maybe […]

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I saw that Modern is getting some blow back for his post about John Kasich’s paid actor, who is an ex-offender.  As an ex-offender who ran for office, time for me to chime in.  Here’s the problem with Kasich’s ad.

John Kasich wouldn’t hire an ex-offender to take out his garbage.  Ex-offenders are at the mercy of a society that seeks to make them pay in perpetuity for their mistakes, and John Kasich is one of those vengeful wingnut assholes who are the sharp end of that.  But it’s perfectly OK to Kasich to hire an ex-offender from Florida […]

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Here’s an abridged version of today’s editorial in the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Remember in our endorsement when we knocked Strickland for not being a bold, transformative visionary?  Yeah, we don’t, either.

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Final Gubernatorial Debate

Be sure to join us here @ 8 p.m. for the final gubernatorial debate in Toledo.

It’ll air live on C-SPAN, ONN, and WTOL in Toledo.

I may write a preview post before then to start the discussion.

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Back in May, News Corp. Chairman/CEO Rupert Murdoch and his wife donated $10,000 each to John Kasich’s campaign.  Shortly after that, News Corp. gave $1 million to the Republican Governors’ Association.

In yesterday’s Politico, Murdoch admitted that he had his company’s PAC make the donation solely to help out John Kasich.  When asked if he ever considered how such an one-sided partisan donation could affect Fox News’ credibility, he said:

“It doesn’t reflect on Fox News,” he said. “It had nothing to do with Fox News. The RGA [gift] was actually [a result of] my friendship with John […]

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