I’ll give Matt Naugle credit.  He’s totally calling out Kasich on this one.

Turns out that Naugle’s done a little bit more research on Kasich’s paid actor.

He found this on the guy’s MySpace page:

Then, and perhaps more troubling, is the guy’s criminal record for battery, theft, and forgery.



John Kasich just used a convicted felon to attack Ted Strickland.

Um, wow.

  • Hey the guy is an EX-offender from over 10 years ago. Now he’s an actor and got a gig. Let him make a living for cripes sake. Isn’t this the kind of thing Tim’s “Ban the Box” is supposed to prevent? Let Eugene rejoin society as a productive member.

  • suzy

    it’s the hypocrisy. the R’s are the ones who preach against strip clubs and hiring ex-criminals and giving criminals a second chance.

  • I am pretty liberal, but political ads hiring actors is NOT a controversy. It’s common practice. Bringing up this actor’s past record is dispicable and makes me ashamed. You should have the self respect and delete this unrelated and uneccessary attack on someone who was just working a job.

  • Calebfaux

    That’s rich.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure your criticisms have nothing to do with your work in the local independent film industry. Regardless, your criticism is absolute b.s. I’m sick of whiny liberals and progressives who insist we have to play by rules in politics and campaigning we all know our opposition doesn’t play by. This wasn’t just some paying “gig” like doing a production of “Our Town.” He agreed to lend his name and image to political hachet job. Therefore, his credibility is a relevant issue to bring up.

    I’m not taking this post down. Not even a consideration. Regardless, even if I DID, it’s still up on other blogs, so it’s kind of hard to put that toothpaste back in the tube.

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  • redhorse

    So you’re saying his credibility is null b/c of convictions from years ago? Jesus, modern, there’s so many things wrong with your argument I can only guess your making an argument for convenience, because it’s low-hanging (even if rotten) fruit.

  • Anonymous

    Um, legally, if he were a witness, I could still use these convictions to challenge his credibility as these are crimes of dishonesty. But look at Tim’s post. He lays it all out there.

  • redhorse

    Um, legally, you’re writing a post on a blog, and the actor isn’t a witness. If you’re problem is that he’s not a steelworker, than flog the shit out of that argument. But you demean your argument, when you follow the titillating trail of court records.

  • Manonfire1985

    What kind of strip club is this? Theres an older woman who appears to be eating dinner in the background.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take “things I can’t believe someone noticed” for $100, Alex.

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