Remember how every time Ted Strickland used footage of the former Dayton factory worker who lost her job to free trade deals Strickland opposed in Congress, but Kasich support, the Carpetblogger (R-VA) got the vapors and suggested she should have a SAG card?

Well, she’s not a professional actor, she’s a real live Ohioans who has been directly and adversely affected by the policies John Kasich supported in Congress.

Now, John Kasich has his own “Johnny Lunchpail” hard hat wearing guy claiming he’s out of work because of Ted Strickland.

Here’s a hint, if a person appears in a political ad that isn’t the candidate, and they don’t even list their name, then that person is more likely than not a paid actor and not an ordinary Ohioan.

Hey, gang, Meet “Chip P.” professional actor, and his representative agent, the Heyman Talent Artist Agency.  Here’s ODP’s new web video in response.

From his agent’s website you can view Chip’s old “Safe Auto” ad.  Or the ad he cut for U.C. athletics.  (I’ll upload and embed the video here later for those of you who don’t click through to the talent agency’s website.)

You can even book Chip online!

First, we have the Dispatch reporting that the attacks are false.

Now, we find out that John Kasich had to create a fictional construction worker to attack Ted Strickland to lie for Kasich.

What’s the matter, Johnny?  Too chicken to do your dirty work yourself?

All year, the RGA has asked people to submit videos from ordinary Ohioans on how “Ted’s broken promises let them down.”  It’s only gotten two submissions.

John Kasich’s attack ad is a heapin’ serving of:

epic fail photos - Fertilizer Fail


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