Look, the only reason to add the gratuitous word “mosque” in an email to Mandel’s conservative base is to stoke anti-Islamic hysteria.  It’s not a relevant detail otherwise.

Second, it is insulting for Mandel to suggest that there are no “qualified financial professionals” who attend a mosque.

So, I have to disagree with Joseph who gave Mandel the benefit of the doubt today.  Mandel’s ad was not a one-time dog whistle to Islamaphobia.  It’s been part of his campaign messaging for some time.  As Hallett noted in his article, not only was it used in this fundraising e-mail, but it’s been on his campaign website.

Mandel’s campaign has used the “mosque” criticism multiple times on its campaign blog:

Where was this job posted?  Per Boyce’s top aide, Amer Ahmad, it was posted at only one place — "his Mosque".

Are you disturbed yet?  If this cronyism and corruption motivates you to help me restore character and integrity to public office, please click here to donate today.

To write all of those off as things Mandel didn’t know about or didn’t approve about requires a suspension of disbelieve I cannot image.  If, for a moment, you believe that Josh Mandel did not approve the content of his ad before it aired, would it not have disappeared now that he’s publicly stated he will not take it down?

If Josh Mandel did not know about this religious baiting in his campaign, then he’s too lax of a person to be trusted with the Ohio’s Treasurer’s Office.

But the Toledo Blade is either feigning ignorance to deflect from them tying themselves to such a disgusting act of religious dog whistling or they just didn’t did their homework.

However, now that the record is clear just how much Mandel has been using a person’s faith for a political attack and shows no sign of backing down, the Blade’s bluff has been called.  Will they put up or shut up?

It’s their call.  But you can call the Toledo Blade and give them a piece of your mind call (419) 724-6170 or email David Kushma at  Call or e-mail today!

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