Uses the same footage from his “Angry” to make a response ad to Kasich’s new attack ad that he released yesterday that the Dispatch called dishonest.

The guy with Governor Strickland is his brother, Roger, who is a terrific guy who’s been campaigning relentlessly for Ted in the RV Sportsman for Strickland.

Kasich has spent a considerable amount of time explaining to his Tea Party supporters why he voted for Clinton’s “assault weapons” ban.  However, he’s yet to explain why he:

  • Opposed multiple efforts by Republicans to repeal the Clinton assault weapons ban;
  • Kasich opposed efforts to repeal D.C.’s handgun ban that the U.S. Supreme Court recently found to be unconstitutional;

I imagine most of our readers would actually agree with Kasich on these issues.  However, there’s a strategy at play here (I think).  Right now, Kasich has a significant lead with male voters in just about every poll imaginable.  The NRA was able to help Bush win in 2004 in Ohio by attacking Kerry with ads on guns to widen Bush’s male voter advantage.

We’ve seen in the polling already a disconnect between Fisher and Strickland in their respective races.  This is, I imagine, an attempt to cut into one of Kasich’s demographics.  Earlier today, a Quinnipiac poll shows an eight-point swing that was entirely achieved by Kasich supporters becoming Strickland supporters.  Strickland needs to continue that trend if he’s to pull ahead by Election Day.