Again, the candidate’s don’t need to report their actual cash-on-hand figures until later this month, so this is strictly what they raised last month.

Governor:  Ted Strickland raised a respectable $1.6 million to Kasich’s nearly $2.1 million.  Strickland’s fundraising clearly took a hit those weeks that the Dispatch, SurveyUSA, and previous Quinnipiac poll came out showing ridiculous double-digits leads.  Kasich’s fundraising, however, did not show any improvement from August.

Kasich’s $400k advantage helps him close an estimated cash-on-hand disadvantage of anywhere between $2 to $4 million.  However, this late in a game, it’s not going to be enough to cut in enough to Strickland’s airtime advantage with paid media which is running 3:1 between the campaigns.

This was the really the last month in which to do that.  Kasich didn’t. What’s interesting is that Kasich did not see a bump in his fundraising despite the polling advantage he had in September. 

What’s also interesting in Kasich’s numbers?  He received a maxed out donation from Jean Schmidt’s campaign committee.  He also received $5,000 from Ohio 13th Congressional candidate Tom Ganley—who’s recently been sued for sexual harassment and assault by a Tea Party/Pro-Life activist.

Green Party candidate Dennis Spisak had his best fundraising this cycle raising nearly $1,200, which is only a little over $175 less than what the Libertarian candidate raised.

Attorney General: Ohio Attorney General Rich Cordray outraised former U.S. Senator Mike DeWine:  $317k to $283k.   This is the first time that DeWine’s campaign finance reports were not substantially pumped up with donations by the Ohio Republican Party.

DeWine got a $1,000 donation from the wife of former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft.  Just sayin’.

Bob Owens raised $16k.  Not bad for a third-party bid, but not enough to run a statewide campaign on, either.  Nonetheless, just having Owens on the ballot may serve as a spoiler for any chance of a DeWine political comeback.  Cordray remains, by and far, the most financially situated Democrat on the statewide ballot, except for….

State Auditor: David Pepper continues to raise money, but for the first time this cycle David Yost raised more.  Pepper raised $134k to Yost’s $202k.  However, that $68k difference is not enough to put a significant dent in what is likely Pepper’s 3:1 cash-on-hand advantage.

Libertarian candidate Michael Howard raised $250…. neato.

Treasurer:  Josh Mandel outraised incumbent Democratic Treasurer Kevin Boyce by over 4:1.  He’s already sitting on an enormous cash-on-hand advantage.  Isn’t that all that needs to be said?

Oh yeah, the Libertarian candidate raised $1,000.  That’s 1/10th of what Boyce raised.  That’s the good news.

Secretary of State:  Doesn’t get any better here, either.  Husted outraised Maryellen O’Shaughnessy $308k to $73k.  The Libertarian raised $1,200.