The journey from Josh Mandel, hard-working Student Council President to Josh Mandel, racist Islamaphobe has been a pretty short one.

In 1999 Josh was a Junior at OSU and he was just getting started in politics. He was elected to his second term as OSU Student President that year. At the time he had no idea what he wanted the be when he grew up, but he was pretty sure it wasn’t a politician.

“I don’t enjoy the political part of the job. I enjoy the Ohio State part and the service part, but I don’t enjoy the political part,” he said. “I know what I want to do. I don’t know what I want to be. Maybe it would be helping others with problems.”

Oh how quickly things change.

Somewhere between student council meetings and the race for State Treasurer, Josh Mandel lost his way. He’s gone from “I just want to help people with their problems” to “vote for me because my opponent is a scary, Muslim, black man!” in a few short years.

I am, of course, talking about Mandel’s latest ad. And so is everyone else (and not in a good way)…

Joe Hallett says that Mandel’s ad “sticks out as the scummiest so far” this election cycle. “Mandel apparently wants Boyce’s job so badly that he is willing to resort to bigotry to get it.”

The Toledo Blade editors went so far as to threaten to pull back their endorsement. “Campaigning by innuendo is distasteful and irresponsible” they said, insisting that Josh “should cancel his offensive campaign ad immediately” while reminding him that “political support is not written in stone.”

Even has picked up on the fact that Josh Mandel “falsely suggests in a new ad that his black (and Christian) Democratic opponent is Muslim.”

I haven’t seen any polling on this race but even if Mandel was really behind (which I doubt he is) there is NEVER a reason to run crap like this. Not only is it not true, but it makes this relatively likable candidate look like a completely racist asshole.

  • Xx

    If he approved the ad, than he is a complete racist asshole. Stopping the ad won’t change that.

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  • Anonymous

    I will say this about the Toledo Blade’s gladstanding. If they’ve followed Mandel AT ALL this year, they would know that this isn’t the first time Mandel has used this attack. He’s been engaging in it all year.

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  • DelcoDem

    Josh Mandel hasn’t been likable in years. Anyone who has had the pleasure to meet him knows within the first 11 seconds of his 13 minute unsolicited oral biography that the person most impressed by Josh Mandel…is Josh Mandel. Arrogant (and bigoted) prick.

  • Bobark2

    At the ripe young age of 24(?) Josh Mandel has brought his politics down to the scum level just like every politician before him. Way to go Mandel! So much for a fresh face with a fresh new outlook.

  • Brb

    Mandel is a D Bag bigot! Ohio needs to show some class this election and send this little boy packing! I am Republican and Boyce gets my vote. Stand up Ohioans…..stand up and show we are not a Midwest pocket of rednecks and weaklings who fear Muslims. We are Ohioans and we embrace class! Vote for Boyce!

  • ITQueen

    Anyone endorsing this whack job is insane. I knew Josh years back and he at least pretended to have dignity… he is a blatant radical religious bigot. I am Jewish like this knot head but I believe in tolerance and I do not fear free religion. I understand persecution from history and ancestors. Never will I accept this sorry excuse for a fellow Jew let alone a human being. You see Josh plotted along with some other Jewish power players to send discriminatory items to the Jawa Report. By the way the Jawa report is in fact run by Rusty (right wing freak) regardless of their denial. If you want to challenge me Jawa then show yourselves and stop hiding behind bogus names. Yeah I know who you are. Plano mean anything to you racist morons? Or Ratner (Mandels wifes family), Humphries, nutjob Bachman and best of all lunatic Jon Voight mean anything? I got a few photos Joshy of you and these un-American idiots.

  • One of the worst Repugs to come along in years! This punk needs to be sent packing home to the hole he’s crawled out of! Racism has reared it’s ugly head big time since the election of our President Obama and he’s proof that’s it’s alive and well in the State of ohio…..

  • Guest


  • Guest

    I’ve met Josh, and I know his extended family, it is sad that he has to resort to such bigotry to further his career. He is a vapid, opportunistic, pretty-boy with nothing to offer the citizens of Ohio except his standard 2 terms in this office before his next campaign to climb the political ladder.

  • Sad

    You clowns are unbelievable. So from now on, ads should not show black men on TV, or detail when they are involved in corrupt dealings with institutions of worship? It’s not like the left has ever abused those sacred topics. Glad JM can be your straw man – you’re your own worst enemy though. The only bigotry is in your mind.

  • Mordechai

    Just out of curiosity how did you feel about the Ron Klein campaign in Florida run racist ads against Col Allen West accusing him of being a black gang member

    Paid for by the democratic party

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