The head of the NFIB and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce are supposed to do a press conference with Kasich this afternoon.  My prediction?  They’ll spend a significant portion of the time blasting Strickland’s “anti-business” rhetoric because Strickland had dared to blame Wall $treet greed for this recession.

Last I checked, the only institutions getting less trust and favorability ratings than Congress from the pubic is “big business.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that a national poll has never found a public more hostile to free trade:

In the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, more than half of those surveyed, 53%, said free-trade agreements have hurt the U.S. That is up from 46% three years ago and 32% in 1999.

Point out Wall $treet’s role in the economic collapse is just pointing out a fact, regardless that does not make one hostile to Ohio’s businesses.

Attacking Ted Strickland because he’s been attacking Wall $treet and big business’ role in our economic state in Ohio is idiocy.  It actually makes Ted Strickland a populist hero when populism has never been more popular.

Maybe it’ll just be a lame workers compensations privatization roll out.  But I hope they’re dumb enough to do what I predict they’ll do.