The alleged victim filed an amended complaint specifying that her sexual harassment claim is based on the denial of promised employment by Ganley after she rebuffed his alleged sexual advances.

The Plain Dealer also does a quick bio on both the accuser and her attorney and explains why the Ganley defenders claims that this was some “Democratic/Sutton plot” doesn’t hold water.

Heben said his client is an ardent abortion opponent who volunteered for the 2008 GOP congressional campaign of Jim Trakas, a former Cuyahoga County Republican Party chairman who ran against Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

Heben himself is a past president of Cleveland Right to Life’s board of trustees and his son, Jon, was the Republican Party’s 2002 candidate against Kucinich.

"One of the reasons my client and I delayed the suit and wanted to go into mediation is that we didn’t want to help a pro-choice candidate like Betty Sutton," said Heben. "Finally, when the mediation was unsuccessful, we believed it was a moral obligation to bring these allegations to the public so they could make a proper choice for Congress."

If the Democrats were this organized to hatch a plot like this, we would never be in trouble of losing the majority, the economy would be fixed as we drove our solar powered flying cars to work.

After three days of no direct word from Ganley, the campaign has apparently taken my advice (sort of) and gotten a direct quote to issue from Ganley:

“When the threats of this lawsuit surfaced, I immediately went to to the FBI. I deny every allegation made in this baseless lawsuit. I did not back down to the Cleveland mafia when they targeted me, my family and my business and I will not back down to an effort to manipulate me again for a pay day. I will not allow this lawsuit to distract from the issues within my campaign for Congress, as I’ve done nothing wrong.”

A pretty strong uncategorical denial, but I can’t help but believe there is some truth, at least, to the woman’s allegations.  There’s just too much documentation to suggest that NOTHING between the two happened.

The Plain Dealer has the documents from the suit:

  • Amended complaint
  • Exhibits (a copy of Ganley Chevy’s invoice showing no charges for work done on the alleged victim’s vehicle and a letter dated Oct. 9, 2009 from the alleged victim addressed to Ganley.)