Last month, John Kasich admitted that he believes his “No New Tax” pledge he signed with the Americans for Tax Reform does not include eliminating tax expenditures (targeted tax breaks) despite the ATR’s public statement that it does.

Today, during his campaign press conference, Kasich was asked after countless other Republicans campaigned on such pledges only to break it, why should voters trust him.  He gave a two minute angry answer about how he was different from every one of those Republicans.  Kasich angrily rejected the notion that he was like those other pledge breakers.

And then he was asked:

(Source: Marc Kovac @ Ohio Capital Blog)

Kasich doesn’t rule out fee increases.  He just claims that any such increases will be outweighed by tax cuts elsewhere.   In other words, Kasich is just going to move the tax burden around in Ohio.  Guess who gets the burden?

(Hint: Look directly into the nearest mirror…)

For the record, both Jon Keeling and Matt Naugle have, in the past, attacked Ted Strickland over fee increases calling them “tax increases” despite the fact that Ohio’s 17% drop in income taxes during his term have outpaced any fee increases.

Will there anything left of Kasich’s tax pledge by the election where the exceptions DON’T swallow the rule?