From the Dayton Daily News:

Kasich said he aims to “really remake the state.”

Now I can get my hands on the wheel and be an executive,” he said. “…this is a chance to and also to take a team of people who have been around for a very long time and get them to, you know, go through theory, the theory that we’ve studied and thought about all these years to executing. This is really, when I look back on all the experiences that I’ve had, it kind of all adds up to this is definitely the right thing to do.”

I don’t know which is more scary, the fact that Kasich talks about being Governor as a chance to be “a grownup” like a kid ticking off the days to get his learner’s permit….

Kid driving car … or the fact that his entire drive to be Governor is to infect the State with conservative ideologues and try every untested conservative think tank theory on the people of Ohio.

That’s the problem with how the media treats Kasich.  He’s worse than Rand Paul and Sharon Angle.  Worse than Blackwell.  But the media dismisses it because they conflate “ideologically reckless” with “impulsive”—as if it’s just a somewhat charming personality quirk.  And they confuse Kasich’s decision to not talk about his more crazy ideas as backing off of them.

Has Kasich backed off his income and estate tax repeals?  The media says yes; but Kasich on conservative talk radio says no.  Why shouldn’t we believe him?  Because it’s a crazy idea that the media can’t imagine Kasich and what could be the most conservative General Assembly would actually go through with the spending cuts to education and social programs necessary to make it happen?  Is your trust in the Ohio media high enough to rest assured that he won’t try to make it happen?

Kasich is a clueless ideologue.  But I don’t blame him for his blind devotion to his ideology.  After all, it’s made him a Fox News host, successful author, and a Wall Street millionaire despite being a rather unaccomplished college student with nothing more than a B.A. in Political Science from The Ohio State University.  If I had made millions off of my devotion to my political ideology, I’d be hard pressed to question it, too.

But I do blame a culture in the Ohio media that is putting blinders on to Kasich’s radical ideology and makes excuses for it as if its nothing more than an impulse disorder.

If, God forbid, Kasich winds up becoming Governor, how soon do you think papers like the Cleveland Plain Dealer  will be issuing editorials distancing themselves from the candidate they endorsed?  How many times do you think we’ll read: “This is not the agenda Kasich ran on as a candidate…” or something similar?  Kasich knows that what he wants to do would not make him popular with the public, so he denies it now.  But once in office, Kasich would do what he’s always done—using the State’s budget situation as a “phantom menace” to justify his ideology of slashing the safety net and wide-scale privatization.

We can’t afford four years of a guy who’s entire drive to be Governor is 1) he believes it is mandated by God; 2) has just always wondered what would happen if you did this or that with all the social responsibility of a 12-year old scientist stocked with firecrackers and frogs except this time it’s on a statewide scale.

Hey, Kasich, your crazy is showin’!

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