Fisher and Portman square off in the first of three debates tonight in Toledo.

The Toledo Blade has the full coverage.  According to the Blade, if you’re in the Toledo area, it will be broadcast live over WTVG Channel 13, which also plans a live webcast of it as well.  C-SPAN will also carry it live, but I don’t know if it’s Original Receipe, the Deuces, or C-SPAN Ocho.  Just flip around 7 p.m. 

Rob Portman is well respected as a debater.  He helped Dick Cheney prep against both Joe Lieberman and John Edwards in 2004 and 2010.  Ironically, the Portman campaign neglected to mention that he also helped McCain prep against Obama in 2008.  I can’t imagine why.McCain Portman

The Fisher Portman campaign is quick to point out that Fisher has plenty of debate experience, too, from his statewide bids:

  • 1990- Attorney General campaign (won by 1,234 votes.)
  • 1994- Attorney General campaign against Betty Montgomery (lost because he ran as a Democrat in 1994 and the rest of the Democratic ticket was jaw-droppingly weak)
  • 1998- Gubernatorial campaign against Bob Taft.
  • 2010- Not debating Jennifer Brunner.

Yeah, so there’s that!

The sad thing is that these debate may be the only chance for some Ohioans to see Lee Fisher between now and the election as he’s reportedly not running any ads in the Cincinnati market and he’s being overwhelmingly outspent on ads by 6:1.

We’ll be doing a live chat tonight, so you can get your fill of snark.