It’s should come as no surprise to anyone that the Plain Dealer Editorial Board endorsed John Kasich. But anyone who actually reads the content of the endorsement piece is really going be left wondering who the paper’s staff really thinks we should vote for.

In short form, the endorsement goes something like this:

We know we SHOULD endorse Ted Strickland who has shown himself to be a “dutiful caretaker” for the state during this horrible recession. Ted is “decent and honorable” and “promises a steady … course through the rough seas ahead.”

BUT… we’re going to go ahead and endorse John Kasich instead because he might shake things up.

Which isn’t exactly a ringing fucking endorsement if you ask me.

While they criticize Strickland for often mistaking “talk for action”, the only positive thing they can say about Kasich is his ability to talk about doing things differently while just as often criticizing him for completely talking out of his ass half the time, but in a motivational kind of way which somehow makes it good.

It’s like they want me to believe this election is somehow similar to the plot of a random A-Team episode and Kasich’s plan is just crazy enough that it might work.

Sure, if the state was being held hostage by a gang of bikers who were threatening to blow up Cleveland I might consider Kasich’s crazy plans our last option. But we’re working our way out a horrible national recession, and if you offer me “a dutiful caretaker steeped in public policy minutiae” and “a steady course through the rough seas ahead” vs a “wild card” with “sometimes questionable ideas” who is “capable of talking himself right off a cliff” I think the choice is pretty easy.

Obviously I’ve already made up my mind about who I’m voting for, but if I was a voter on the fence and I read the following “endorsement” of John Kasich, I don’t think I’d be running to the polls in a rush to kick out the incumbent:

“But here’s what’s scary about Kasich: With his Red Bull style, it is sometimes hard to tell what’s core belief, what’s hot air and whether even he knows the difference. When Kasich praises Ohio’s innovative Third Frontier effort, he still says things that suggest he doesn’t understand or care how it works. Or listen to him talk about phasing out Ohio’s income tax, reducing the state’s commitment to public schools or even making university professors work harder. Does he understand that being a Fox News provocateur is not the same as being the leader of a diverse, complex state?