From Paragraph 31.

When Mrs. Saccany went upstairs into Ganley’s office, the smell of cologne was over powering, and as Mrs. Saccany walked into his office Ganley sprayed breathe freshener into his mouth.


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  • mvirenicus

    what’s the big deal? i pour a bottle of givenchy pi over my head every day after i get out of the shower. it’s a scrumptious oriental gourmand with a heavy vanilla base note.

  • Crop24

    Gee what a surprise.Your fake democratic operative got this ridiculous story into the paper,she can go back to the DCCC headquarters now.We aren’t quite as stupid as you think we are.

  • Anonymous

    What? It’s a lawsuit. If anyone got it in the paper is probably the alleged victim’s attorney. Regardless it’s a matter of public record. And the alleged victim is a registered Republican and Tea Party activist.

  • Dirk

    I bet it was pheromone cologne.

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