Sam Stein contacted me earlier in the week about a piece he was doing for the Huffington Post about a shadowy GOP group involving non-other than former Blackwell staffer and all-around nasty guy Norm Cummings. He incorporates some stuff I’ve already covered here at Plunderbund along with a lot of new information that makes it definitely worth reading.

My absolute favorite part is the end where he quotes Scott Pullins:

“I think the foulest thing he has done that I know about is the ad he tried to get me to run on behalf of the Ohio Taxpayers Association in the 1998 sales tax opposition campaign,” said Scott Pullins, a conservative attorney in Columbus, Ohio who, as Ohio Director of the National Taxpayers Union worked closely with the Blackwell campaign. “It was a radio ad of two elderly, disabled African American female voters talking about the sales tax using what I can only describe as a racist, ghetto dialect. One of the ladies is quoted as saying that “she’s gonna roll her wheelchair to the polls as fast as she can to vote against that tax increase.”

“It was outrageously offensive and I told Norm Cummings to take the ad and the $25,000 and shove it. I told him it would have been less offensive for us to buy $25,000 worth of fried chicken and $5 bills and hand them out on MLK Drive in Cleveland. When I talked with Ken Blackwell’s staff about it, they told me that he approved the ad and they saw nothing wrong with it. I told them if that was the case then Ken can put his name on it and not mine. As far as I know, the ad never ran.”