Not a God-fearing conservative, no, a pig!!!

Screen grab of her FB page. Of course, she “likes” Sarah Palin.

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  • Anonymous

    Did you just give the name of someone who may have been sexually assaulted? Classy move.

  • Amyweahry

    @brutus, the cleveland plain dealer posted the entire suit which included her name…..classy move

  • amyweahry

    correction- cleveland scene

  • Adrienne

    This has made it to daily kos. Wonder how long until CNN……8….7…..6….5….4

    Sleazy thy current name is TGOP Tom Ganley. Good luck with the women’s vote, dude.

  • Gopflame

    No one was assaulted,
    if Tom Ganley ever did want to step out on his childhood sweetheart it sure would not be with that hog.

  • Billpeterson

    Why are you making fun of this woman Tim?

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