• Was “Every Other Monday” the name of Kasich’s last book, or his commitment to how often he’d campaign in Ohio?
  • Is this not the longest John Kasich has gone this election without being seen in Ohio or Fox News?
  • What does it say to point out that retired U.S. Senator John Glenn has officially surpassed the GOP gubernatorial ticket in campaign appearances this first week of early voting?
  • Did John Kasich finally flee to that dreamy locker room in Naples, Florida?
  • Did Mary Taylor join him to reunite with her former clients?
  • Will ODP make a “It’s six p.m. on a Friday night, do you know where your gubernatorial ticket is?” PSA for the Ohio Republican Party?
  • Can the Amber Alert be used for a gubernatorial ticket?  I can see it now: “Lost: One GOP gubernatorial ticket.  Also missing: their plan to pay for their income tax repeals and their lead in the polls.”
  • What’s the over/under that Mary Taylor’s looked into the possibility of convincing Yost to drop out and let her run for re-election instead?

Okay… that’s some of the best I’ve seen on Twitter and from what I could come up with.  Anyone got anything better?

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