When an organization makes an endorsement, it means that organization is whole heartedly behind that organization.  That’s why a week ago, when the Chamber endorsed John Kasich he called it “precious.”

Well, after the State’s largest utility withdrew from the Chamber over it, I mentioned the possibility that the Chamber may have simply been seduced by the polls that showed double-digits, so they figured get on the bandwagon now and curry favor with Kasich.  And then Kasich’s lead collapsed literally in a day.

So what did the Chamber’s Vice-President for Government Affairs have to say in response to Governor Strickland’s comments about the endorsement in today’s Columbus Dispatch?

“But I think in the end, if he’s re-elected, we will certainly continue to be a force to be reckoned with, and I’m optimistic we can work together.”

You never want you’re biggest endorsement to a) talk about the possibility of you’re opponent winning (especially when the polls suddenly show a tight race) or b) talking about they have no doubt they could work with your opponent.  You sure as hell don’t want them to say BOTH.

The Chamber’s endorsement is getting less and less significant every day.