Just like last week with education, John Kasich’s woeful ignorance on matters of policy—supposedly what was his strength—is helping show a stark contrast in this election.  This time, it’s Strickland’s push for renewable energy.

Here’s what Kasich said at his CSI (Copying Strickland’s Ideas) regulatory reform package on Strickland’s announced plan to build the largest freshwater wind farm in the nation.

This has to be the first time a Republican has opposed using our national resources for our energy needs because it threatens a non-endangered species of fish.

Hypothetically, what if it was oil under Lake Erie?  What would the Republican response be then?

GOP Bill to Drill Baby Drill Lake Erie

Oh, right, it would be drill, baby, drill.  But seriously, when was the last time offshore drilling for oil threatened the environment and the fishing industry?


I mean, seriously, John Kasich is right, compared to fishing, how much is “wind energy” an industry in Cleveland?  Like two or three companies, right?

Cleveland Wind Businesses

Also, that plan to build wind turbines on Lake Erie?  Yeah, they’re going to need to get clearance from ODNR that they aren’t constructed to harm fish hatchin’.  You read that right, John Kasich, at an event designed to highlight how Ohio’s agencies harm economic development made an argument that… fails because of Ohio’s regulatory agencies.

If ironic statements were early votes, Ted Strickland would have to concede to Kasich over this one alone.

I have to admit.  Even I thought Kasich was a policy wonk.  But when it comes to Ohio policies, Kasich is embarrassingly ignorant.