Earlier today I read over at WLST that Josh Mandel is now refusing to debate Treasurer Boyce at the Cleveland City Club. It turns out nearly every Republican candidate for state-wide office has now refused to engage his opponent in a Cleveland City Club debate this year. Jon Husted, Mike Dewine and now Josh.

I guess it shouldn’t be a big surprise that Josh is getting bad advice like this from his campaign staff. They haven’t exactly shown themselves to be exemplars of transparency.

I also got an email a few minutes ago from the Kilroy campaign informing me that Steve Stivers is now refusing to debate Mary Jo and two third-party candidates in Columbus.

The crazy thing is that these guys are both running against incumbents in a year where the economy is pretty bad. You’d think they would jump at any chance to take their jabs at Kilroy and Boyce.

What the hell are these guys afraid of?