I saw this ad this morning.  I’ve always believed these kind of fact-checking type opposite ads are pretty effective. 

I gotta tell you, Driehaus is fighting hard in this race.  Chabot has been running an uninspired, complacent, and downright lazy campaign.

Today, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Democrats outnumbered Republicans nearly 3-1 in in-person early voting yesterday, and 45,000 absentee ballot requests have been received.

I don’t know what the polling is in this race, but I think this race has the potential to surprise those who written off Driehaus early in the race.

Chabot did finally update his “Issues” page on his campaign website with actually content!

Although I have to admit that it’s still not very informative and downright misleading:

“Social Security provides critical benefits to more than 50 million Americans and I firmly believe that these benefits must be protected. That is why I am against the privatization of Social Security as well as any cuts to our Social Security program.”

His jobs platform doesn’t get any more specific than opposing cap-and-trade.

Then again, Steve Chabot has never been regarded when he was in Congress as a thinker.  Then again, Steve Chabot has never been regarded as anything when he was in Congress.