(Source:  Marc Kovak @ Ohio Capital Blog)

I’ve heard from multiple sources throughout Columbus that the Ohio Chamber of Commerce has received mostly negative feedback both before, but especially after, they endorsed in the Governor’s race.

I’ve been told several businesses have called to say that they’ve now decided NOT to join the Chamber over this endorsement.

And from what little I can obtain about who was on this 12-member board on the PAC that made a decision that was supposed to reflect the over 4,000 members of the Chamber (none of whom had an opportunity to give their input) is that they were, as the Governor suggested, shall we say more than just causal Republicans.

Governor Strickland just sent the Ohio Chamber of Commerce a dead fish wrapped in a newspaper.  And a warning—don’t expect the same ear I gave you when I win re-election.  The fact is that in his first term, Governor Strickland was  attentive to the needs and desires of the Ohio Chamber.  His critics on the left have said that he’s been too accommodating.

Well, Ted just told the Chamber that they’ve made their bed, and they’ll have to lie in it if he wins.  I was asked by a good friend/fellow political hawk watcher what I thought was behind the Chamber endorsements since the Chamber had long signaled its intent to remain neutral as its tradition.  I said the endorsements seemed to me to be a “bandwagon” type endorsement.  Something the Chamber only did because they saw the public polling that suggested that Kasich was running away with the election.  Unfortunately for the Chamber, those polls were clearly wrong.  And now they’re stuck with being seen as nothing more than an arm of the GOP, wed to a candidate whose numbers are falling off a cliff.

At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the Chamber try to distance itself from its own endorsement.