Wow.  With 13 percent still undecided.  I hate writing about polls, but here’s what today’s bevy of great polling for Ted proves.

Right before early vote, people started to pay attention, and they are remembering why they like Ted.  The positive ads are doing that job.  Historical trends are starting to take hold, namely, that Ohio does not throw out incumbent governors.  Last one was John Gilligan.  Ain’t likely to happen this year, either.

It also means that voters flirted with Kasich over the economy, and are now moving either to Ted, or to undecided.  To move that back in the other direction, Kasich will have to convince the electorate that Ted is a really bad guy.  Not gonna happen.

Remember TrooperGate?  The manufactured scandal novella of the righty blogs that made it into an idiotically incomprehensible RGA ad?  That was the attempt.  It failed.  Miserably.

Unless they have something else in the ol’ chamber, this train is leaving the station.

Spin on, Keeling.

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