Former John Kasich staffer, Homeland Security consultant, and lifelong suckling of the government teat, Jon Keeling, has proven every single day of his John Kasich inspired blowhard blogging career that he is, in fact, a clueless shill.  Modern does a fine job pointing that out.  When Kasich loses, Keeling will probably never blog again, and retire to begging his government funded employers for ever more taxpayer money to fund the very personal hypocritical hour by hour contradiction that is his “career”.  But I digress.

Yesterday, Keeling pretended to know Cuyahoga County, which is what he does on all matters on which he comments.

As the WSJ notes, we can’t overstate the importance of these scandals in Cuyahoga County.

Well, yes you can.  Keeling obliges.

Not only has their GOTV machine been heavily damaged on their home turf, but residents of Cuyahoga County have become even more turned off by politics and the corruption of the left.

Um, what GOTV machine?  I’ve been in Cuyahoga County politics for 22 years, and if there is one thing any moron knows about the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, it is that it is not a GOTV machine of any sort.  It’s not even a political party.  It has been a patronage corruption machine, for decades.  If you call the party HQ at any point other than a few months before an election, no one will answer.  The door is almost always locked.  Crickets and tumbleweed.  It isn’t a campaign operation, it’s a joke.  Has been as long as anyone can remember.  If it were a political party, a good chunk of them wouldn’t be on their way to jail.

It’s also why every 2 years, the DNC, ODP, and the various campaigns in Ohio build their own GOTV operation in Cuyahoga County from the ground up, completely separate of the county party.  I did it myself in 3 consecutive cycles.  The lack of a few useless twats being otherwise occupado by lawyers and the FBI will have zero effect on any party activities, because there aren’t any.  The corruption scandal will have an effect on candidates tied to it, like perhaps Ed Fitzgerald.  Beyond that, Cuyahoga County voters split their tickets, like Ohio voters as a whole.

Next up for Jon Keeling – how to preach to conservatives about the big bad government while living off of it.  Oh wait….he already does that every day.