Last week, I wrote about how Mary Taylor’s ad was a sign that the Kasich-Taylor campaign was starting to worry about their grip on the race.  Since then, the Ohio Poll came out that shows the race as a four-point race—exactly what Strickland’s older tracking polls said it was.  Over the weekend, Strickland claimed that his internals now show it as a two-point race.  Fox News released a poll today showing the same thing.  The ad was supposed to start airing October 4th, but we caught it airing early.

So, John Kasich hits the panic button because his internals show the exact same thing (just as we’ve said for a week.)  The problem for Kasich is that the RGA has spent MILLIONS attacking Ted Strickland over the economy.  Kasich new negative ad, which we are the first website to put up, doesn’t add anything but repetition.  In short, the RGA’s millions in ads “didn’t get the jobs done.”

And how much do people believe that Governor Strickland is to blame for Ohio’s economy?  According to the Ohio Poll, a whopping 5%.  That number has not moved during the entire election.  “Someone else” and “Don’t Know” got higher responses than he did.  Kasich’s “Wall Street” is blamed by 16% of the likely voters.

There is no doubt, you look at the public polling and how the campaigns are responding and your own experience tells you this race is as tight as a tick on a bloodhound.

Voters who at one time thought they were voting for Kasich are becoming undecided.  And right now Ted Strickland is giving a positive message about his record while Kasich is resorting to the tired partisan blame game that the RGA has been pushing all year.  Ted Strickland is giving them a reason to vote for him.  John Kasich is giving them nothing more than partisan fingerpointing.

Kasich is in a full blown panic as the Strickland campaign continues to play from the playbook they designed at the start of the campaign.  Not a bad place for us to be.

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