Number of Ohio jobs lost so far due to ObamaCare? Zero.

Chance that a suit challenging the constitutionality of ObamaCare would succeed?  Next to zero.

It’s ironic, when Rich Cordray released an ad that opened with a mention of DeWine’s years in Washington (and nothing more) DeWine blasted Cordray for going negative saying it was an indicator that he had nothing to offer the people of Ohio.  I guess that only applies when a Democrat does it as DeWine has not one, but now two, actually negative ads running.

The only poll that has polled this question is Quinnipiac, however, it’s been awhile.  However, in August—during the height of opposing to “ObamaCare”—Quinnipiac showed that although large majorities opposed the health care reform bill, a similar majority also opposed the Attorney General filing suit challenging it.

DeWine’s becoming a one-note candidate because Cordray’s record as Attorney General as been so strong this is all DeWine has.

It won’t win DeWine the election, if the only public opinion poll on the question is to be believed.