From the daily archives: Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wow.  With 13 percent still undecided.  I hate writing about polls, but here’s what today’s bevy of great polling for Ted proves.

Right before early vote, people started to pay attention, and they are remembering why they like Ted.  The positive ads are doing that job.  Historical trends are starting to take hold, namely, that Ohio does not throw out incumbent governors.  Last one was John Gilligan.  Ain’t likely to happen this year, either.

It also means that voters flirted with Kasich over the economy, and are now moving either to Ted, or to undecided.  To move that back […]

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Dead.  Heat.

In the race for Ohio governor, incumbent Ted Strickland has pulled into a virtual dead heat with Republican challenger John Kasich. Kasich leads by 47 percent to 46 percent after holding a 9-point edge in August.

Spin those dervishes, Keeling.

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Last week Steve Stivers expressed his desire to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for the rich. (Kilroy wants to dump them) In doing so he joined nearly every other Republican candidate and office-holder in their stance that ‘now is not the time to raise taxes’ – even on the rich.

Today CBO Director Doug Elmendorf gave testimony that clearly showed the longer the tax cuts remain in effect the more damage they will do to the economy.

Ezra Klein sums it up nicely: “extending the tax cuts indefinitely would hurt the economy. The less you extend the tax […]

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Boy, that Ohio Chamber of Commerce endorsement sure was a game changer… just like the debates that Kasich clearly won.

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Number of Ohio jobs lost so far due to ObamaCare? Zero.

Chance that a suit challenging the constitutionality of ObamaCare would succeed?  Next to zero.

It’s ironic, when Rich Cordray released an ad that opened with a mention of DeWine’s years in Washington (and nothing more) DeWine blasted Cordray for going negative saying it was an indicator that he had nothing to offer the people of Ohio.  I guess that only applies when a Democrat does it as DeWine has not one, but now two, actually negative ads running.

The only poll that has polled this question is Quinnipiac, […]

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Last week, I wrote about how Mary Taylor’s ad was a sign that the Kasich-Taylor campaign was starting to worry about their grip on the race.  Since then, the Ohio Poll came out that shows the race as a four-point race—exactly what Strickland’s older tracking polls said it was.  Over the weekend, Strickland claimed that his internals now show it as a two-point race.  Fox News released a poll today showing the same thing.  The ad was supposed to start airing October 4th, but we caught it airing early.

So, John Kasich hits the panic button because his […]

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45-43. 10% undecided.  Conducted September 25.

Previous Fox polls had Ted down by 5-7 points.  Also jives with Ted’s internal polling, and the Ohio Poll which has it a 4 point race.

Cue Jon Keeling spin of whirling dervish proportions.

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Former John Kasich staffer, Homeland Security consultant, and lifelong suckling of the government teat, Jon Keeling, has proven every single day of his John Kasich inspired blowhard blogging career that he is, in fact, a clueless shill.  Modern does a fine job pointing that out.  When Kasich loses, Keeling will probably never blog again, and retire to begging his government funded employers for ever more taxpayer money to fund the very personal hypocritical hour by hour contradiction that is his “career”.  But I digress.

Yesterday, Keeling pretended to know Cuyahoga County, which is what he does on all matters […]

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Starting this morning, you can go down to your local board of elections and vote in the November election.  Seems like a good moment to take a look at early vote impact on my own election September 7.  There are a couple lessons for Democrats.

About 56% of the turnout in District 7 was early vote.  We were expecting higher, given that the May primary had a 60% early vote turnout, the September election was the day after Labor Day, and there was a lot of media attention paid to this increased use of early vote.  I suspect the 56% […]

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