John Kasich likes to talk about how he never forgets about working people because he’s a son of a postal carrier.  And yet, not even the Dispatch can gloss over Kasich’s anti-public union rhetoric.

During a speech before Ashtabula County Republicans in March 2009, Kasich talked about the need to "break the back of organized labor in the schools," according to the Ashtabula Star Beacon. He did not back away from that quote last week, saying as he pushes ideas to change schools he has often clashed with teachers unions, who have "smeared my record and distorted it."

Kasich, who is backed by business groups, also opposes paying prevailing wages on state-funded construction projects. And as part of a sweeping review of state laws and regulations, he wants to reexamine the 1983 law that gave public employees in Ohio the right to collective bargaining, arbitration and strike (except for safety forces).

“I grew up in a blue-collar family in a community dominated by organized labor," he said. "I consider organized labor to be positive."

Is Kasich schizophrenic? Seriously, the only place he’s drawn the line is that he says he doesn’t want Ohio to be a “right to work” State, but I question if that just means he wouldn’t advocate for such legislation.  I doubt he’d veto it if a GOP-controlled legislature passed it.

Second, when has Kasich ever proposed ideas to change schools?  He hasn’t this campaign.  The Dispatch calls his education ad devoid of any plan.  He has no record of education reform in Congress, either.  Kasich looks like he just want political payback because those unions aren’t supporting him in this campaign.  Or because those unions mentioned Kasich’s hatchet jobs to financial aid in Congress?  However, I’m not aware of anything they’ve said about Kasich’s cuts that he proposed that was inaccurate.

On GLBT rights:

Kasich said marriage "is between a man and a woman," and he supported the 2004 amendment to Ohio’s Constitution defining it as such.

He’s less definite on civil unions, saying only: "I don’t support discrimination. I don’t get into that."

What does that mean?  Seriously if you don’t support discrimination, then is that a yes?  If so, why not just say so like Governor Strickland did?

Kasich’s not sure about Ohio law that allows gay couples to adopt children: "I’m really sort of uncertain about it … I don’t have a firm position on that."

He may not have a firm position, but he does have a firm record on it.  Unlike Strickland, Kasich supported Ohio’s gay marriage ban constitutional amendment.  As Ohio 15th District Blog pointed out, in Congress Kasich voted to ban gay adoptions in our nation’s capitol. However, Kasich has also said that he’d continue Strickland executive order providing GLBT state workers protection from discrimination and supports legislation to ban such discrimination in the private sector.  Something that social conservatives have managed to ignore even more so than Kasich’s multiple votes favoring gun control despite strenuous NRA and other gun rights groups’ opposition.)