John Kasich loves to talk about Bob Evans.

First he schedules a presser at one of their restaurants and then he talked about his experiences at the debate. And I’m sure, to John, the situation really did stand out for him – mainly for the novelty of situation. Not only did he willingly interact with poor people but he did it at a Bob Evans!

While I won’t say it’s impossible that John Kasich eats at Bob Evans on a regular basis (read: ever), I do find it pretty difficult to imagine John and the pretty Kasich ladies scarfing down BOBURRITOs™ or biscuits and gravy for breakfast while discussing the family finances.

John’s Bob Evans experience seems to have been so memorable that a week later he basically offered to let Bob Evans run Ohio’s interstate rest areas even though it seems to be against federal law.

And how, exactly, did Bob Evans’ CEO Steve David repay John Kasich for his offer?

He donated $2500 to Ted Strickland.