Seriously, I would bet money that Yost shot this ad when he was still running in the GOP A.G. primary against Mike DeWine and then just redid the voiceover and add the CPA endorsements which, frankly, is easily missed in the visuals.

And I’m not alone.  The Columbus Dispatch asks essentially the same thing.  One of the things that the GOP thought Yost would be able to use effectively against his opponent, Hamilton County David Pepper, is the fact that Yost was a County Auditor before he was a County Prosecutor.  But this ad doesn’t mention it at all.  And let’s face it, with Yost’s continued money woes, this is probably the only ad Yost is going to be able to run.

As evidence of Yost’s campaign finance woes, the Dispatch notes its only running in the Columbus market.  It’s also half as long as the typical gubernatorial and Senate race ads.   This is further evidence that the GOP has begun to write off this race after strong-arming Yost out of a primary against DeWine. 

At the beginning of the month, I noted in the campaign finance reports:

Yost: …($20k from the Ohio GOP just yesterday to boost his totals.)  That’s less than half what he reported raising last month (of course, nearly half of that month’s haul was a $100k donation the Ohio GOP made at the last possible minute,too.)  Not looking good for Team Yost.

DeWine: However, DeWine got today $215,000 from the Ohio GOP, so nearly 52% of his money came in today by Kevin DeWine deciding to cut his cousin’s non-Apportionment Board race a big check that is over ten times what they gave to the Auditor’s race.  Expect David Yost, who was recruited to run for Auditor and drop his primary challenge to DeWine by the Ohio GOP, and others blow up.

Last month, the Ohio GOP gave DeWine over $200k for his non-apportionment board race while cutting back on donating on Yost’s race.  Besides the fact that DeWine is related to the ORP Chairman, I honestly cannot figure out for the life of me why the ORP is invested so heavily in the AG’s race except that they hope to keep Cordray out of the picture before the next gubernatorial election in 2014.  But that seems a rather bizarre reason to write off an Apportionment Board race for one that isn’t.

I guess this, at least, proves that not even the Ohio GOP believed that Wentzel Strategies/Yost campaign poll, either.

This ad is so bland that I bet those of you in Columbus have seen it without realizing it.  Where’s the graf of newspaper articles showing Yost locking up high-profile politicians?

And why in the hell would the Yost campaign run the ad in central Ohio where, presumeably, Yost is already the most well-known?  Why not Cincinnati or Dayton?  Have they actually written off Cincinnati because that’s where Pepper is from?  David Pepper did get the endorsement of the Cincinnati Enquirer yesterday, if you still believe newspaper endorsements matters (Fisher swept the newspapers in the primary, but won by half the margin the conventional wisdom had him at.)

If Yost believes he cannot compete in SWO, and this is the best ad buy he could do before early voting, then this race very well may be over before the voting has begun. 

This means that a victory by Strickland or O’Shaughnessy would mean that the Democrats take over the Apportionment Board for the next redistricting (assuming I’m right about Pepper, of course.)