It seems nearly every Ohio Republican politician is using his/her kids in campaign ads this year.

For example, Mike Dewine’s daughter appears in his ad standing in a court room talking about how her Dad is tough on crime, etc. Not exactly an unbiased spokesperson.

The new Stivers ad is much different. It features lots of video of Steve’s one year old daughter Sarah sleeping and lots of shots of Steve holding and kissing her as well as a really long slow-motion panning shot of her baby shoes. A surprising 20% of the entire ad is nothing but this shoe shot.

I know what he was going for with this ad, but it didn’t work. He wants me to relate to him as a responsible husband and father but the ad makes me think the exact opposite.

As the father of two daughters myself I find myself left with two thoughts when I see the Stivers’ ad:

1. If Steve Stivers wins this election he will be required to spend 4-5 days a week in Washington, DC away from his lovely wife and one year old daughter Sarah. Kind of a dick move if you ask me.

and 2… Holy Fuck those are some expensive baby shoes!

I was at Target today with my wife buying shoes for my daughters and I was surprised how much those tiny little things cost – especially given the fact that they will outgrow them in a matter of months. I was taken aback by $15 shoes for toddlers , but it seems Steve Stivers doesn’t have the same issues as me.

Steve actually seems quite proud of the fact that he spends 3 times that on shoes for his kid. So proud, in fact, that he spends 20% of his entire ad on a slow motion panning shot showing nothing but the baby shoes.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your political bias and/or taste in infant footwear), the expensive shoes are accompanied by the narrator’s voice-over discussing the “reckless spending” of his opponent.

Here’s a screen shot (click through for the full video):

Quite hilarious when you think about it. A Stivers ad showing a slo-mo shot of $150 in baby shoes while accusing his opponent of “reckless spending”.

I couldn’t find the exact shoes in the video, but these seem pretty close.

We’re talking $50 suede athletic shoes for a baby that can barely walk; a baby that will outgrow the shoes in 6 months.

Reckless spending indeed.