From the daily archives: Friday, September 24, 2010

It seems nearly every Ohio Republican politician is using his/her kids in campaign ads this year.

For example, Mike Dewine’s daughter appears in his ad standing in a court room talking about how her Dad is tough on crime, etc. Not exactly an unbiased spokesperson.

The new Stivers ad is much different. It features lots of video of Steve’s one year old daughter Sarah sleeping and lots of shots of Steve holding and kissing her as well as a really long slow-motion panning shot of her baby shoes. A surprising 20% of the entire ad is nothing […]

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The guy who became an instant Internet viral villian for punching and kicking cows & calves on videois now sitting in a jail cell for the next eight months after pleading guilty to six counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty.

“Billy Joe Gregg, Jr., pleaded guilty today in Marysville Municipal Court to six counts of cruelty to animals. Six other charges were dropped in a plea agreement. Gregg got eight months’ jail time and a $1,000 fine. He also got three years’ probation during which he’s require to get counseling and can’t be around animals for three […]

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Looks like that endorsement by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce of Kasich and other Republicans isn’t going to be as “precious” as he thought.

AEP’s President has announced that he has resigned his position on the Board of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce over their endorsements.

According to the Associated Press:

AEP spokeswoman Melissa McHenry said Friday the endorsement prompted AEP Ohio President Joe Hamrock to leave the chamber’s board. McHenry says the utility does not believe it was appropriate for the business group to endorse a candidate.

"It creates division in the chamber membership and it pits businesses […]

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